28 Mar

We were asked to perform at a Caribbean themed evening in March for customers who had used us before.  Normally we start playing much later in the year getting together again around March after a Christmas break.  

A Caribbean party in March?  How would that work?  Well, it most certainly did which just goes to show the party spirit of people, despite the awful two years we have had and despite the unrest across the globe! 

We arrived and set up on a stage in a church hall, where people had clearly been busy decorating to capture the party theme.  There was a neat agenda for our perusal provided by the hosts and people were busy in the kitchen getting the party feast ready as people arrived and seated themselves.  The event started dead on time to a crowded hall and following a short introductory speech, we started our first set.  Percussion was shared out to the room and eagerly grasped by young and old.  Dancing started a few songs in.  By the second half everyone was really getting into it with more people on the floor than seated!  We offered our usual audience participation song inviting four guests including our host onto stage to play with us.  They were all great players and we wanted to give them a band tee shirt and sign them up there and then!  It is fair to say we finished on a high and loved every minute!  The moral of this story is - definitely don't let the time of year define when you have your sunshine party - you can make it work whatever the weather outside.

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